Lakes Oil is engaged in commercial production activities at the fields located in Australia. As far as oil and gas production is concerned, the company is aiming to reach the rates that allow achieving balance between economic viability and sustainable resource use. With the help of modern technologies and a broad spectrum of geological and technical solutions, Lakes Oil is keeping stable production at brownfields and starts actively developing the fields with hard-to-get hydrocarbons. Simultaneously, the company is developing the promising fields to set up new oil production centers. 


Lakes Oil has independently certified Contingent Recoverable Gas Resources at its Wombat gas field of 329 PJ and, at the adjacent Trifon-Gangell gas field, of 390 PJ. In addition, Lakes Oil has significant gas production potential at its Otway and Portland Energy Projects. It is independently estimated that the Focus Area for the Portland Energy Project contains 11.5 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas, a significant portion of which will be recoverable by conventional means.


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