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Lakes Oil is a multinational energy company founded in 1946 and based in Victoria State, Australia. The main areas of specialization are exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and sales of gas, gas condensate and oil, as well as generation.

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Corporate Governance

Lakes Oil’s Corporate Policies and Procedures reflect the manner in which the Company conducts its business and is committed to implementing and maintaining the highest standards consistent with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations. The following policies and procedures have been implemented to ensure the Company’s commitment to act honestly, ethically, diligently and in accordance with the law in serving the interests of Lakes Oil’s shareholders, employees, customers, local communities and other stakeholders.

About Us

Lakes Oil is the oldest oil company in Australia and was formed in 1946 in Lakes Entrance, Victoria. Lakes has been exploring across Victoria for “tight” gas and shale oil and gas. Has spent over $80m on exploration activities within Victoria.

The company provides one of the few remaining links between the struggles to find and produce Australia's first indigenous oil reserves during the early part of this century and the relative comfort of the nation's near self-sufficiency in petroleum production during the 1990s.

Lakes has also kept alive the pioneering spirit of a once larger band of optimistic junior explorers willing to tackle programs in which more cautious major companies have declined to take part.

Taking its name from the Lakes district of Gippsland in south eastern Victoria, Lakes Oil plunged straight into a project to produce oil from shallow glauconite sands at the
town of Lakes Entrance via a series of wells drilled from the base of a specially
dug mine shaft.

Our Advantages


Manufacturer of demanded products

To manufacture quality products that are in demand, we use relevant research data, economy and marketing. This helps us hold our strong positions as a market leader.


Long presence in oil and gas market

The company's management and employees have acquired a good deal of expertise over more than 70 years of operation since early 1946, learning from both ups and downs.


Integrated energy producer

We have combined oil and gas exploration, production and transportation. This allows the company to be independent from other market operators.This allows the company to be independent from other market operators.


Reliable partner

We give our reputation utmost importance. For many, Lakes Oil is not only a major producer of oil, but also a stake in the investment portfolio. We respect our clients and investors and meet our obligations in full, within the agreed time frame and in the best possible manner.

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