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Australia's Oldest Oil & Gas Explorer




Optimized production and logistics make it possible to better use investors' funds and direct the spare amounts towards developing the company’s technologies. 



The company's legal team ensures the laws concerning labor, production and investment policy are fully complied with. 


Environmental sustainability

Lakes Oil collaborates with leading scientists and environmental experts to reduce the toxic burden of its products.

Winds of change are blowing in oil and gas industry

Gradual transition to renewables is the only way for oil and gas producers to maintain their positions in the market. At Lakes we are perfectly aware that this rule needs to be followed, with our work in the area of electric power generation allowing diversification of risks that oil and gas operations involve. 


About us in brief

Lakes Oil NL is an Australian company set up in 1946 and involved primarily in oil and gas exploration. The main focus is given to hydrocarbon exploration, predominantly in the coastal areas of Australia’s Victoria state, and investments in the companies developing renewable energy projects. Lakes Oil is also the owner of oil exploration sites in South Australia.

About us

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